Past Events

We look forward to sharing with you details of previous Association events and social occasions later in the year!


The Savile Club Winter Lunch on 3rd February 2015 was well attended, well beveraged and well toasted. We even raised a cheer for the Old Lennensians as we move into the New Year and new challenges for the School and the Association. One thing is constant, however; we have booked the date for the Winter Lunch in 2016; the food and wine will be as good as ever and we will be in high spirits. Come and join us!

Tim Valentine


Two Cathedrals

Old Lennensians visited St. Paul's Cathedral in London in July, touring the Triforium, the Library, the Cathedral workshops where the vestments are repaired and recreated and the gallery where Wren's Great Model of his design for the rebuilding after the Great Fire of London is displayed. We followed from the bridge across the nave the view down the Cathedral to the east and the High Altar which is familiar to all of us from the televised record of State occasions at the Cathedral and we managed without pausing the 141 steps up to the Gallery. However, High Tea in the Cathedral Restaurant was a welcome climax to our afternoon and is one of those traditions without which we cannot do, particularly since many of us had a long journey home.

That Cathedral of Capitalism, the Old Bank of England in Fleet Street, was the venue for our London Autumn Lunch on 18th November. We had exclusive use of the Dining Room and twice as many guests sat down this year as last. The menu was very English-pie and ale and apple crumble and sticky toffee pudding amongst the desserts-and we took full advantage of the choices on offer and resolved to come back next year and finish the job. Costs were very reasonable-around £24 a head for two courses, coffee and drinks and we intend to hold this for 2015. All the London gatherings welcome wives partners and guests including the Winter Lunch at the Savile Club. Contact Tim Valentine if you are interested.

Tim Valentine

Healthy Eating in the Heart of Mayfair:Winter Lunch at the Savile Club

Old Lennensians abandoned the wilder shores of gastronomy in favour of the Lighter Option for their lunch at the Savile Club on 4th February this year. Salad Gourmande with Parma Ham was followed by Roast Salmon Fillet and Plum Tarte Tatin with Cinammon Ice Cream for dessert. We discussed the diary of events for 2014, emphasising the KLHS Reunion on 7th June and Bob Booth's lunch at the Riverside Restaurant in King's Lynn on 12th April. Most of us will be doing both lunches as usual, showing that our loyalties are not divided; we enjoy foregathering as Old Lennensians wherever we meet and the Winter Lunch starts us on our year.

John Turtle was unable to be with us this time because of a sudden indisposition but we wished him a speedy convalescence and missed his guiding spirit keenly. He tells us that he hopes to see us all at events later in the year. There were 23 OLs and guests.. Support for the lunch is solid and confirms that support is not confined only to members in the London area. Join us next time if you can and start your year early and in good company.

Tim Valentine


EVENTS in 2013

Old Lennensians at Large  at the Chelsea Physic Garden

On Tuesday 2nd July 2013 Sir Hans Sloane's statue in the middle of the Chelsea Physic Garden witnessed,with discretely raised eyebrows, a confluence of Old Lennensians on their annual outing. Shortly we left the old fellow in peace as our guide Ann took us off round the formal beds of medicinal and research plants which cater, amongst other disciplines, for today's increased interest in plant-based medicines. We were shown the rockery formed of basaltic lava used as ballast on Sir Joseph Banks' ship voyaging to Iceland in 1772 and pieces of carved stone which were once part of the Tower of London. So much is of historical interest that the whole is now given Grade 11* listed status.

Our guide fielded many queries from her group of keen gardeners as she shepherded us around the 3.8 acres of surprisingly spacious grounds. We saw the famous olive tree-the largest fruiting olive in Great Britain- which with an ancient yew and many other trees and water features counterbalances the formal design of a 300 year old botanical garden in Chelsea on the banks of the Thames.

A Cricket Tea in the Tangerine Dream Cafe rounded off the day as we energetically levered off the thickest clotted cream ever seen onto our lavender scones and strawberry jam after several rounds of sandwiches and strong tea in the best of sporting traditions. We had time left to look round the shop and greenhouses before saying our goodbyes and stepping out into the peaceful and sunny Chelsea afternoon.

Spring Lunch at the Riverside Restaurant in King's Lynn

Old Lennensians filled the Riverside Restaurant yet again for Bob Booth's Annual Spring Lunch on Saturday April 13th. As usual the date was carefully chosen to avoid notable conflicting attractions i.e The Norwich Game, but it is clear that for all of us (near and far) this lunch has become a fixture of the season. We have yet to take full advantage of the terrace for drinks since two severe winters refused to relax their grip but we have the restaurant to ourselves and our cheerful and attentive bar staff were kept busy for the extra hour factored into our booking for socialising. We remain loyal to the traditional menu; the Riverside knows what we want and provides it with style and professionalism. The Raffle, organised by Ken Mace and Tid Loughland, offered some attractive new prizes, notably a bottle of Lanson Champagne which hardly had time to acquire a vintage before it was snapped up, and the total profit on the day after expenses provided tips for the waiting staff and a donation of £100 to Old Lennensian Association Funds.

More and more of us are bringing our photos of schooldays and friends to the lunch and it is clear that we are reaching a wider audience so when you come to the next one bring yours; we can fill in those blanks on the back of the print for you and perhaps point out old so and so who is hiding behind a beard over there on that table by the window.

Bob, Ken and Tid, we raise our glasses to you! Thanks once again for your dedication and hard work. We'd be lost without you. See you again next year!


Savile Club Winter Lunch

Twenty seven OLs and their guests sat down to lunch around a packed table at the Savile Club on Tuesday 19th February 2013. Neighbour jostled neighbour, good manners were at a premium and many were in imminent danger of bruised elbows and possible cosmetic damage from a carelessly forked vegetable. Your correspondent is pleased to report, however, that all reached the dessert stage without injury above the waterline and were able to enjoy the Apple and Calvados Compote with Biscuits a la Cuilliere and a refreshing Green Apple Sorbet which climaxed another impeccable meal at the Savile Club

Our Menu Folder contained a rare photograph, the original of which was donated recently to the Archive, of the teaching staff at the School in 1939, a lighthearted precis of Thomas Hood's "The Dream of Eugene Aram" and a Diary of Events planned for 2013. After the Toasts and coffee, John Turtle gave several OLs and their guests a short tour of the club and we filed out into the crisp February afternoon.

On the Wednesday, a small party of OLs and guests rounded off the two days with a visit to Dr. Johnson's House off Fleet Street, followed by a short walk up Ludgate Hill in the teeth of a howling gale to lunch in the Restaurant in the Crypt at St Pauls Cathedral.

If you would like to make the Savile Club Lunch a date in your diary, get in touch with John Turtle or Tim Valentine direct or via the Contact Us Page on this website.

Tim Valentine

EVENTS in 2012 

Indoor Bowls

On Thursday 26th April 2012 12 players representing the OLA took part in the annual tussle against members of staff from the School playing indoor bowls at Lynnsport Leisure Centre in King's Lynn. The match was decided by playing games of six ends and I am pleased to report that the school staff members were decisively beaten on this occasion. The  revenge promised after the match last year was acheived and we look forward to taking part again next year. As always the games were played with good humour and the members of staff and the OLA look forward to meeting up to enjoy a most enjoyable evening.

If anyone is interested in playing bowls please contact me.

On Friday   May 2012 the OLA golfers met at Sutton Bridge Golf Club to enjoy an afternoon of golf at this most interesting course. It consists of nine holes set in what was originally intended to be a dock basin in the 1800s. The remains of the dock present challenges to the golfer who has to think his way around the course and this makes for an unusual day out. Unfortunately only six players were able to attend on this occasion but this did not detract from the enjoyment derived. 

On Friday 15th June 2012 a total of eleven players,Old Lennensians and their wives, braved the weather forecast and travelled to Hunstanton to play outdoor bowls on the Clifftop rinks. Between 11.30am  and 1.0pm rain threatened to dampen the spirits of those determined to play, but at 5 minutes past 1.00 pm the rain stopped and the sun emerged from behind the darkish clouds and everyone was able to enjoy a pleasant afternoon bowling. As always the company was good and a lot of laughter was to heard on the green, possibly distracting two serious looking bowlers on the adjacent rinks. However, they appeared to be intent on their match and raised no objection to the hilarity expressed by our group. At the conclusion of the afternoon's proceedings a pleasant half an hour was spent in the cafe adjoining the green where the events of the afternoon were discussed. At 4.30pm it was time to leave Hunstanton and travel homeward bound, looking forward to the next event to be held in September.

Friday 13th July was indeed unlucky for the eight brave souls who ventured forth at King's Lynn golf course in the annual match against the students from the School. Rain had threatened all day, but there was an element of optimism when the first group set out at 1.00pm, that the rain would hold off. Unfortunately this was not to be and at twenty past one the rain began to fall, first as drizzle then more steadily, continuing to cause problems for the players. After the first group reached the ninth green it became obvious that play could not continue as puddles began to form on the putting surface. Those playing behind had also arrived at the same conclusion and appeared one by one wet and bedraggled in the clubhouse. After taking advantage of a reviving hot shower the players adjourned to the lounge to enjoy a quiet drink and a chat whilst awaiting the meal which follows this event. After a most enjoyable and satisfying meal the players made their way homeward, looking forward to enjoying better weather in August at Ryston Park Golf Club.  King's Lynn Golf Club very generously waived the green fees for us on account of the weather, totally unexpected but much appreciated.

August 2012. Once again we visited Ryston Park Golf Club to enjoy an afternoon's golf on a coursr that was in beautiful condition. Unfortunately for a number of reasons only 7  players turned out. Nevertheless a good time was had by all. The weather was good and the company ,as always was great. We appreciate the effort made by Joe Flogdell, an Old Lennensian who happens to be the Club Secretary, for making the arrangements and we look forward to returning in 2013.

On Friday September 28  10 Old Lennensians and 2 wives  turned out  at Hunstanton Clifftop Bowls green.  Although the weather was not particularly good the rain stayed away and the players were able to enjoy three hours of laughter and fun. Completing the day having a cup of tea the greenside cafe. These days are always enjoyed by those who take part and we cannot wait to get back to Hunstanton in 2013.

On Saturday 29th September the Association AGM was held in the "Old Music Room " at King Edward VII school, which was followed by the Annual Lunch held in the Main Hall. Thirty nine sat down to enjoy a superb meal, accompanied by liquid refreshments and were able to spend nearly three hours reminiscing and making new friends. The AGM and lunch will be held around the same time next year depending on the school calendar. Details will be circulated with the Spring Newsletter.





On Thursday 28th April 2011  7 members of the OLA  competed in the Annual Indoor Bowls Match versus the staff from King Edward VII School at Lynnsports Centre King's Lynn.This year the OLA team was depleted because of illness and family commitments and the Association team had to "borrow" two staff members to make up their teams. After deciding the format of play, the match was played with three teams of three competing against each other. The match was decided over two games of 6 ends and one of 3 ends with the staff winning decisively and were awarded the trophy. The result only encourages the OLA's to seek revenge next year when hopefully we will be back to full strength.

On Friday 17th June 6 members of the OLA and 2 guests played bowls on the Clifftop Rinks at Hunstanton. The group was divided up into four pairs and each pair played against the others with three matches of 6 ends each. Although heavy rain had been forecast we were lucky and we got away with a  period of light drizzle which did nothing to dampen the spirits of the players and they all went home having thoroughly enjoyed themselves

The overall winners were Ken Mace and John Stringer who spent their winnings on cups of tea for the rest of us  

On Friday 15th July Eleven players, including the golf coach from King Edward VII School,  competed in the annual golf match against the students from the School at King's Lynn Golf Club. The weather conditions were almost perfect with a light wind blowing, to make the players think about the shots they were  to play.The course and greens were in excellent conditions and a credit to the ground staff of the club. Out of the six matches played the Old Lennensians' won one and drew another losing the remaining four albeit closely. As always the games were played in good spirits and for the Old Lennensians' it was a pleasure to play against some talented boys who were able to hit the ball, distances us older men can only dream about. The day concluded with the players enjoying a well earned drink on the patio at the rear of the clubhouse before adjourning indoors to  eat a substantial meal before journeying homeward.


Both John Turtle's lunch at the Savile Club in January with 27 guests and Bob Booth's Spring lunch at the Riverside in March with 52 guests saw record numbers this year. There's no need to emphasise their growing popularity, as the numbers demonstrate. Both events were self financing, which is our inviolable rule, and both events generated a small profit which will go to even up, if necessary, any loss on a previous event and which will now bring the account up to date and allow us to begin the next round of celebrations from a standing start. The Savile Club is already our favourite meeting place in London and it looks like the Riverside Restaurant, giving us our own dining and bar areas, will become the favourite in King's Lynn. Thank you to all who came, including all those who demonstrated their geographical flexibility, with no complexes about spreading waistlines, by attending both events.

How to enjoy an AGM of The Old Lennensians, by Andrew Stephen

The Old Lennensian’s most recent gathering in September 2011 was my third such meeting since joining the association – none of which has failed to live up to my high expectations.The greatest pleasure for me has been witnessing the transformation of former pupils who have emerged as men of the world and lived rich and varied lives. Far from being crusty old formal occasions of business, each AGM has allowed me to immerse myself in nostalgia and the stories of people I used to know – augmented by fine food and flowing quarts of ale.

I hope this faithful record of my experiences at the 2011 AGM will either encourage others to attend future meetings of the Old Lennensians, or simply remind others of what a splendid time was had by all at The Dukes Head and at King Edward VII School on Saturday 1st October 2011.

 1. Choose a good venue    

If you are a committee member without portfolio, like me, you seek out a suitably respectable and traditional location for this most respectable and traditional of committee meetings.

If the running order of the AGM is sorted out expeditiously and sufficient lively 
discussion has taken place, it may be permissible for a glass or two of Adnams to be consumed before moving on


  2.  Savour the build up    

You might wish to approach the AGM along the old and derelict railway line. The vista presented should be fully appreciated since His Majesty demanded that the school should face his train rather than north as the architect planned.

3. Take sufficient pride in one's school         

   You may pass a traditional rival but we know which school is best. One is never too old to indulge in childish conflict. Neither should we be taken in by passing fads.                                                            

4. Don't miss the fine dining


The caterers have arrived with a wide range of delicious foods. We find a plentiful supply of fine wines but few of us have room for the cheese and biscuits at the end of another splendid meal. 



5.  Indulge in a heavy dose of nostalgia 

We check out the fixtures....although this one , it seems, was forcibly removed.

      And are lucky to meet old friends       

and revisit old haunts – even those with painful associations                                                                                       

6.  Appreciate those things previously wasted on our younger selves 

The AGM was in the music room –   where I used to dine and where I found the views through the window  more interesting than the teaching ever was. 

There is always time to wander before  the glorious meal and I stumble upon my old dormitory and other old haunts in the boarding house.    

The senior common room – but someone’s stolen the snooker table. I had my hair cut here, when I  used to have some.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

7.  And finally ................................ 

We eat, drink and talk and find ourselves praising the things we liked least when we were still at school. 

 We toast absent friends 

before I go back to my picturesque billet for another night in King’s Lynn and prepare to do it all over again next year.